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Advantages of using primers in the process of extrusion lamination

Advantages of using primers in the process of extrusion lamination

The flexible adapting industry is growing because of consumer trends surrounding portioned packages, resalable pouches, and various packages to extend the shelf-life and aid in food waste reduction. Many of the applications of flexible packaging require various layers of paper or film and its properties combination to meet the demands of the consumer. For instance, the release paper lamination machine makes the work easy. To achieve the various packaging properties like barrier, stiffness, and aesthetic, numerous different films can be coated together in the process of extrusion lamination. This process of lamination joins two or more substrates of film together, utilizing an extruded polymer as the glue. If the substrate does not adhere, the final structure can be compromised. The process of adding primers into the extrusion lamination can improve adhesion and additional properties significantly, even without slowing the process down.

Product quality improvement:

The primers used in the process of extrusion lamination can reduce cases of delamination significantly.  The conditions of the processing used in extrusion lamination are complex. These conditions play a vital role in upholding adhesion. It is true for the structures with low polyethylene coat loads on paper. If the grip of the adhesive between substrates is very low, the polyethylene can be separated from the paper and bind the chill roll causing the stoppage. In these situations of low adhesion, applying primers can be the insurance policy that is needed to achieve the ties required in a specific situation.

Shelf life and product protection:

Using primers in among the layers of a package can help in improving the properties of grease and water-resistance. Moreover, they ensure a longer shelf-life and also added protection to the packaged product.

Increased production:

in the extrusion lamination process, the level of adhesion is significantly affected by the speed of the processing line. Generally, line speed affects adhesion. Means the faster the processing line speed, the less effective adhesion is in between the product packaging layers.  In many situations, line speeds should keep low to produce a product with the required level of adhesion. The usage of primers can increase adhesion and decrease roll wrap-ups, by allowing the line speeds to be increased, therefore significantly increasing output.

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