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What Do You Know About Extrusion Coating & Laminating?

What Do You Know About Extrusion Coating & Laminating?

We all know well what paper or document lamination is, now let’s move one step further and learn about it another type that is widely used for material that is further used in product packaging, got my point?

I am gesturing towards paper extrusion coating

What is an Extrusion Coating Process?

With the paper extrusion coating process, the melted plastic is applied over the target material, either is it paperboard, plastic, or paper substrate. If you’re thinking that, “can we get combined features in one, like; Paper Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine? Well, I can’t sure about this, perhaps it might available, but one thing for sure is with an extrusion coating lamination process, the coating is used as a paste to couple a plastic film (PP or PET) or aluminum sheet on paper

Concerning any concerning application, the entire coating process is often repeated many times by applying extruded material over formerly produced film again and is applied equally to the required number of layers.

Any Specific Pros of Plastic or Metal Coating?

Yes, if the extrusion coating process is done on the plastic or metal coating, then it can lead to notable benefits including;

  • Heat-resistant
  • Protection against humidity
  • Barrier effect for vapor and aroma

What are the target industries that use extrusion coating for particular Applications?

The target industries include;

  • Packaging for food and beverage
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper converting industry
  • Health-care
  • Cosmetics
  • Insulation, insulating membranes
  • Textiles
  • Disposable items

What is the Pre-coating process?

In pre-coating, the paper film is subjected to pre-treatment which makes the surface suitable for receiving PE and ensures good anchoring.

For increasing adhesion of plastic material that is coated over paperboard film, the corona treatment is placed inline, prior to passing to the coating station.

The pre-covering treatment can be uneven or two-sided dependent on the number of layers being created or on the cycles required from that point.

What remembers for Post covering?

Taking into account that covered polyethylene has a low surface strain, to set up the film for the following cycle it experiences (printing, for instance) a crown treatment is incorporated before end-of-line winding.

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