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Why You Must Not Laminate Certificates And Other Vital Documents

Why You Must Not Laminate Certificates And Other Vital Documents

Why Do People Laminate Certificates?

  1. Lamination is a covering process whereby you join thin layers of transparent polythene nylon to protect paper documents like certificates, results, testimonials, etc. Lamination machine manufacturer china offers high-quality lamination for your papers.
  2. There are some reasons why people seem to laminate their certificates or documents below:
  3. Lamination guards paper materials from getting damaged by fluid, dust or dirt, grease, and hampered edges.
  4. you can believe that lamination elongates the lifetime of essential documents like certificates, results, and more.
  5. lamination improves the strength, quality, and appearance of your products.

There is much more to it, but those are the fundamental reasons people often opt for lamination—many people make-believe what is not hypothetical to be true.

However, laminating documents, certificates, pictures, and other paper materials is not utterly advantageous. There are disadvantages attached to it. Below are reasons you have not to laminate certificates and other documents.

Here Is Why You have Not to Laminate Certificates and Other Documents.

It is our opinion about lamination. I disagree with the “you must laminate your essential documents” to keep it longer, clean, and safe. It may convince you after reading the disadvantage of laminating certificates and your other documents.



Lamination machine manufacturer china provides the hot laminating machine. If you do not operate the laminator properly, it can destroy your essential document for good. I am not a victim of this, but I should tell you the truth, lamination can burn down your paper if not handled well.


Many certificates contain prints, marks, security seals, or stamps; when laminated, such certificates or documents are compressed out. Some organization, foreign institutes are serious about these covers, flatten documents is not easily verifiable or approved.


In circumstances where you may have to duplicate certificates through a photocopier, laminated certificates may not produce the best effect due to the reflective polythene texture. Distorted lines, text, and colors will create when you photocopied.

Now, you know how much damage you can do to the certificate when laminated; stay away from laminating legal documents as lamination renders it invalid or altered in some essential organization.

Do Not Laminate

Birth certificates, Wedding certificates, and many other official government documents have security features that permit officials to determine authenticity. It often includes a raised seal that you may ruin by the process of laminating. When you cover a piece of paper, you permanently adhere the plastic laminate to your paper, forever altering the physical makeup. Many government departments do not accept laminated certificates or documents. When it comes to social security cards and medical cards, you can laminate them for safety. People laminate their social security card, so they carry on their person like in the wallet or purse. Moreover, you have to be careful while removing the lamination from documents. If you do it in the wrong way, you and your documents will suffer a lot.

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